About Me

About Me


I currently attend Columbia University in pursuit of my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Prior to this, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Farmingdale State College with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology. In addition to my formal education, I have supplemented my knowledge base by obtaining my Strength and Conditioning Certification.

To learn more about my experience at Columbia University and my class please check out our class website!

Training Experience
My training experience began when I realized if I wanted to be the best and take my soccer and basketball game to the next level I needed to do something more than just practice those sports. I began by focusing on movement and weight lifting techniques. Textbooks, training videos, blogs… you name it, I studied it. I then applied that knowledge to my own athletic training. I firmly believe in the saying “practice what you preach,” which is why every client that I encounter, only receives direction from what I personally have used, know to be effective, and correct.
 My training include (but are not limited to):
– Collegiate level athletics (with emphasis on soccer and basketball)
– Crossfit
– Body Building
– Endurance Training
– Corrective Exercise
If you want a better idea of my training be sure to check out my Facebook and Instagram profiles where I post pictures and videos of myself and my clients training!
Training Location

I am primarily based in Long Island City, but when possible I try to accommodate my clients however I can to find a location that works for both parties.

I also offer online coaching!

Training Principles

To provide my clients with the highest quality experience I combine my knowledge of human movement science, strength and conditioning and clinical experience to develop a personalized program. My programs are designed to produce observable, measurable and repeatable results to ensure long term success tailored to your individual goals.

I use methods that I know work from my experience and education. By no means do I know everything about health and fitness, no ones does. what makes me different is I wake up everyday hungry to learn and evolve my knowledge of health and fitness. I promise I would never ask you do any exercise I myself haven’t or wouldn’t do.


My goal is to help you discover and accomplish all of your health and fitness goals