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StartEd Up Newsletter

This week I was featured in the StartEd Up Newsletter to spread the word about our new Perspectives on Practice at Columbia University Program in Physical Therapy. StartEdUp provides consulting, teacher training, and all core services necessary to start and strive...

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Getting Communities to Care About Physical Therapy

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate on an article with Dr. Ben Fung, the Co-Founder and COO of UpDoc Media, a digital media, and marketing company — specializing in physical therapy and healthcare services, about the psychology of buy-in; and how it is...

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Startup Life and Entrepreneurship with Dave Kittle

On Tuesday, March 22nd Columbia University Program in Physical Therapy Private Practice Elective hosted Vinitial CEO and Founder, Dave Kittle. Vinitial is a secure, HIPAA-compliant patient-provider text messaging system which does not require exchanging cell phone...

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Get Involved

New York State the highest number of physical therapy programs out of any state in the US, yet there is little to no collaboration that occurs between programs. This was something I was shocked when I started school at Columbia University Physical Therapy Program....

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How to Become a Teacher as a Student

I recently had the honor and opportunity to write an article for the American Physical Therapy Association blog “The Pulse” about the class my friend Shaun Whited and I started at Columbia University Physical Therapy Program called The Private Practice Elective. Here...

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SPEAR Physical Therapy CEO Dan Rootenberg and Leadership

On Tuesday, February 7, the student-run Private Practice Elective hosted Dan Rootenberg, President and CEO of SPEAR Physical Therapy, and three of his clinic directors: Joe Costello, Amir Rand, and Jimmy Olayos. Dan presented his “10 keys to Leadership” and how those...

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Advocacy and the Importance of Getting Involved

On Tuesday, January 17th Columbia University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program held its first Private Practice Elective event. Michael Mattia, New York Physical Therapy Association (NYPTA) President helped kick off the course by speaking about the future of the...

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Education Innovation at Columbia University

For the first time in the history of the Columbia University Program in Physical Therapy an elective course is going to be directed by students. The Private Practice Elective, an idea born from my classmate Shaun Whited and myself, will be a component of the 3-year...

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When More Earns You Less

When more earns you less In 1993 the requirement for physical therapists started transitioning from a masters to a doctorate degree. One of the main reasons for transitioning from a Masters to a Doctorate degree was to position physical therapists as a primary care...

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