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The Not To Do List

Last month we focused on setting the right kind of goals that will optimize your efforts to building a healthier lifestyle. While it’s extremely important to know the right steps to take, it’s just as important to know what not to do. Another useful trick that I have...

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The First Step to Set Yourself up for Success

Setting the Right Goals   Everybody has an image of what the perfect life could look like. It could be physical, mental, or both. A few things to keep in mind when tackling the challenge: Setting SMART goals is essential to success Break down each goal into...

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PT Pintcast Podcast Interview

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and have a beer with Jimmy Mkay, the host of the PT Pintcast podcast. On the podcast we discussed what Columbia University has being doing to help promote the APTA’s #ChoosePT campaign, how my friend Shaun Whited and I are...

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Not Your Average Joe

I am not your average fitness professional. As a Columbia University Doctor of Physical Therapy Student and strength & conditioning specialist, I am consistently on the front line of pioneering innovation and advancements in the health and fitness fields. I am...

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