New York State the highest number of physical therapy programs out of any state in the US, yet there is little to no collaboration that occurs between programs. This was something I was shocked when I started school at Columbia University Physical Therapy Program. This I took it upon myself to seek out a leadership position to afflict change. I was lucky enough to be chosen to serve as the New York State Student Core Ambassador for the American Physical Therapy Student Association (APTA). My role is to represent New York on a state and national level while providing opportunity to students across New York State to get involved with the APTA.

By stepping outside my comfort zone to develop relationships, and successfully collaborating with other incredible students I have been able be a part of the change and help connect New York State more now than ever. I hope this will enhance the student learning experience for future generations and for others to build on what we have done this year.

I was recently highlighted in the American Physical Therapy Association Pulse, a blog that features students who try and make a difference in the physical therapy profession.

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“Successful leaders see the opportunities in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity.”

– Reed Markham

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