This week I was featured in the StartEd Up Newsletter to spread the word about our new Perspectives on Practice at Columbia University Program in Physical Therapy. StartEdUp provides consulting, teacher training, and all core services necessary to start and strive with new educational initiatives. With Genius Hour, 20% Time and Innovation Courses popping up all over the country based on our model, how can you be left behind? For the schools that want to fast track innovation, StartEdUp is the key. I highly recommend checking out the StartEdUp podcast where host Don Wettrick interviews experts in education, innovation, and entrepreneurship while discussing how anyone has the power to change the world and live life to the fullest.

Here is a snippet:

The traditional learning model in our country’s educational system, by and large, revolves around powerpoint presentations and multiple choice tests. We reinforce a passive listening system with a raw memorization process that often fails to reach every student or encourages the learner to make a temporary association with the question and answer. This model lacks depth and fails on several fronts to create a true understanding of the material. A successful learning model would encourage the learner to be a life long learner and understand how a concept could be utilized for a multitude of situations, ultimately resulting in a front to back grasp of its application. The current status of our country’s working environment demands innovative leaders who are not afraid to step outside the lines and find creative solutions to unique problems. A full understanding of foundational concepts should be the backbone for any individual with entrepreneurial ambition or anyone seeking to climb the corporate ladder. Seldom do successful entrepreneurs use a template for their business models and even employers can attest to fact that innovative thinkers trump cogs in the machine when promotion time comes around.

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