I’ve had the absolute pleasure of being both a friend and patient to this man. His passion for what he does is unrivaled, and it truly shows. A lot of trainers I’ve worked with in the past tend to apply a lot of copy/pasted workouts they see online and hope it works. While this isn’t always the wrong thing to do, it doesn’t differentiate yourself from the crowd.

I can say with experience that Joe is not part of that crowd. He has a very deep and thorough understanding of how the body operates, and has used this knowledge to provide a new and effective experience for his customers. I’d recommend him to anyone who is interested.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your healthy lifestyle or an expert looking for something new, Joe will give you exactly what you need. I couldn’t be more pleased with how well he understood and executed exactly what I needed to move forward on my own personal path to eating and exercising right. If I could give more stars, I would!

Nick Valoroso


Joseph Lipsky brings so much to the table. As a physical therapy student and a certified strength and conditioning coach, he is able to properly provide his clients with the advice and programming that will get all individuals to where they would like to be athletically. Joseph was able to make a health and fitness program for me as I trained for a half marathon. He cares for all of his clients and is able to individualize each program to their desired needs.

K.T Prominski


Always in support of people who are passionate about health. For he who loves health loves life.
Great Job!

Grace Amorue


This review has been a long time in the making. I have put it off for quite a while because honestly, I wasn’t sure how anything I write could really express how incredible service is and how it’s truly changed my life. These are not things that come lightly from a person like me.

Over the past year, its been my pleasure to take training sessions with Joe. Whether its the semi-private training in group settings, the Monthly Challenge or the specialized sport training sessions, every moment has been handled with care, professionalism, and most importantly, provided a workout that leaves me feeling accomplished. He is always on the lookout to ensure you have good form, modify exercises according to your needs and knows when to push you and when to lay off.

If you’re looking for a trainer who remembers your name from the minute you walk in to when you leave, this is the guy and the takeaways don’t stop at the gym. The advice on everyday life changes that Joe has given me, have helped me make great strides towards my personal goals.

Over the many years of my body sculpting and strength training journey, I have done it all. All the big network gyms, the trendy fads, the juice cleanses, and even personal training (4 different people before I found Joe!) and nothing has changed my body the way that these workouts have. Do yourself a huge favor and give him a call. Whether its through group sessions or a one-on-one session, its worth it.

It’s the first time in my life that I feel strong and proud of myself for how far I have come under the guidance of this amazing trainer. Thanks again!

Kevin Stone



My goal is to help you discover and accomplish all of your health and fitness goals